The Art Of The Table Fiji Style

The Art Of The Table Fiji Style


My mother, Linda, always set the most beautiful tables when hosting dinners. She loves a beautiful table and the effort she made showed a level of care and appreciation she had for her family and her guests. 
Walking into a dinning room that is beautifully set brings life to a dinner party, and Linda is the life of the party. She mixes flowers from her garden, to accessories around the house, and finishes it with one of her favorite table clothes.
As I now eat every meal in my flat, I appreciate a lot more how special eating at home was for me growing up. 
In the spirit of eating well at home we wanted to create something special. 
With Spring and Summer around the corner, let's play with the colors of nature.
Check out the Fiji Collection by Vista Alegre.




Check out these gorgeous patterns and intricate details.  This collection is perfect for the spring season. Flowers, green, orange, all these colors bring the season right to your dinning table.


Fiji Dinner Set


- Charger

- Dinner Plate

- Butter Plate

- Cup & Saucer


Fiji Collection- Vista Alegre

Mix it with a beautiful collection of flatware like the Frond Place Settings from Nambe.




Frond 5-Piece Place Setting



Let's add some sparkle to the table with stunning crystalware

Astro Water Goblet Set of 2

Vista Alegre

One of the most underrated yet best accessories to have for a dinner table is of course a table cloth. 
LE JACQUARD FRANCAIS table covers are absolutely divine and the perfect way to finalize that lux feel for your table.
This version is coated which means it will NOT stain. Easy to clean with just a sponge and some water. 
The last design element to setting your table is of course getting fresh flowers from the local flower market....Once it reopens. 

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