Top 7 Hosting Pieces From NAMBE

Top 7 Hosting Pieces From NAMBE



One of our favorite brands featured on, Nambe, has some of the most amazing tableware pieces that are both stylish and practical for hosting.


Check out these 7 items we pick out just for you:

Serve cheese and charcuterie in style with the Swoop Cheese Board with Knife. The wooden cutting board, contrasted by the ultra-svelte and modern stainless-steel knife, is an entertaining must-have. The knife amazing appears to only be a decorative piece on the cheeseboard, but you can surprise your guests with its purpose as a cheese knife.

Swoop Cheese Board With Knife


6. Butterfly Bowl

Among Nambe's earliest designs, the Butterfly Bowl celebrates both form and function. Aesthetically pleasing to the eye, the elongated sides gracefully reach upward like wings to create its simple, elegant curves, and its temperature retaining properties make it ideal for serving warm or cold dishes.

Butterfly Bowl


5. Meridian Tea Kettle

With a wooden handle that stays cool to the touch and the round, angled shape of the body, this kettle evokes a retro-inspired design that feels incredibly modern. Comes in Red, White, Black, or Grey.

Meridian Tea Kettle


4.Harmony Chip & Dip

The Harmony Chip & Dip is an entertaining must-have with a generously sized main bowl, great for piling high with tortillas or pita chips for a crowd. Crafted of solid Nambé Alloy, the dip bowl can be removed for chilling or warming. It is perfect for serving your guests your homemade guacamole with some chips, or dipping strawberries in some melted chocolate. Designed by Wei Young

Harmony Chip & Dip


3. Ice Cream Skoop

The vibrant shape lets it stand upright as a sculpture while keeping the scoop clean and dry. This prevents hands and countertops from getting covered in ice cream. When dessert is ready, the Skoop fits perfectly in the hand, providing great leverage with frozen ice cream.

Ice Cream Skoop 



2.Modern Bowl

Mouth blown and hand cut using time-tested techniques, no two Nambe glass bowls are exactly alike, making each a true work of art.

 Modern Bowl

1.Stinger Honey Pot

The handle of the fabulous Wei Young-designed Stinger Honey Pot has a pointed end, like a stinger, but fill this vessel with honey and its all sweetness and light.

Stinger Honey Pot 

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