Vintage Collection: Green Glassware

Vintage Collection: Green Glassware


I am at alway amazed at the craftmenship vintage and antiques goods possess, thee colors, shapes, and details are captivating. Today I wanted to showcase some of the beautiful green pieces we currently have.  I have been searching for items that have color and bring some exciting to my table. With the rainy fall in London, the green reminds me of Spring/Summer, the leaves, and the crisp air. 


Vedere Home Vintage Antiques Green Door


At Vedere we are about bringing you something beautiful and different to make your table special for you and your family. That is why we are so excited to introduce our Vintage section on   

Here are some of our favorite glasswares we think will give your table setting life and color for everyone to enjoy.


Royal Brierly Glassware

Antique Royal Brierley Green Glassware Set of 8  £180.00 GBP

The history of the company goes back to 1776, when it was set up as an independent family business.   Many of the creations became quality museum pieces. The trading name Stevens and Williams was used until the 1930s when the company became Royal Brierley Crystal to signify its royal warrant of appointment as glassmakers. The first royal warrant was awarded by King George V and the most recent by Charles, Prince of Wales.

 Victorian Long Stem Wine/ Cocktail Glassware

Antique Long Stem Wine Glass With 18 K Gold Band Set of 6  £80.00 GBP

 Victorian long stem Glassware with a clean stem and a light green base and gold details of leaf on the rim. These are very elegant and beautifully crafted perfect for cocktails or wine


Etched Roemer Cocktail Glassware


Etched Roemer Green Ribbed Crystal Wine Goblets Set of 5  £75.00

These traditional  with a green stem are all over Germany, where they are used to serve sweet wines from the Rhine or Moselle Region.


I am going to keep searching for more beautiful pieces to bring to you. 

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